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Another Sterling Shore Short


"If I see one more change to the wedding, I'm going to cut someone," I tell Allie and she closes her own wedding book with wide eyes. "To my wedding, that is. Not yours. You can do whatever," I amend.

"Wren's mother is handling most of our plans. I'm just picking out the dresses."

Poor girl has no clue. She won't have a single piece of anything she wants in her wedding. These women turn into savages when wedding plans are involved. I never knew it was such a brutal undertaking.

We should have eloped.

"Good luck," is all I tell her. Then remember what Kade's mother has told me numerous times. "I mean best wishes. Good luck is for the groom."

Allie cocks an eyebrow at me. "You'll learn. Just wait."

Maverick sits down across from us just as Bo and Jax take a seat at the end of the table.

"Why do you look like someone shot your dog and ate it in front of you?" Jax asks Maverick.

Maverick shrugs. "Dry spell," he grumbles.

"Can't get a girl without Corbin's help?" Jax asks, his lips twitching as Maverick scowls at him.

Then Maverick's scowl fades into a mischievous grin.

"Did have one bite," Maverick drawls as Jax sips his beer. "But it turns out I'd already fucked her sister so she cut me loose."

Bo chokes on her drink as Jax swallows audibly, and he flips off Maverick who is laughing now.

Before Jax can come up with something snarky in return, "Shake that Ass, Bitch" starts blaring over the outdoor speakers, and laughter erupts.

Like I can't help myself, I immediately spin around like everyone else as Corbin curses Ruby and tears his shirt over his head. When he starts shaking his ass like he's trying out for a Shakira video, Maverick sighs happily.

"Every time I think my life is bad, I remember how fucked he is," Maverick says with a grin.

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1 Comment

kirti poojary
kirti poojary
Apr 01, 2021

Please you should also do one where the girls get Sterling tattoos like Rain

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