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Forgotten Curse - Curse Trilogy Book 2

Updated: May 19, 2019

Fate's a brutal bitch, if you ask me. Destiny is unrelenting and nonnegotiable, and sometimes people get caught in the crossfire. It seems like I keep messing up no matter what I do, and like the fool I am, I went back to Hale. And then I paid for it. Again.

Never again. I'm done. We're done. But when you're counters, sometimes things aren't as easy as they're supposed to be. Brazen deserves better. I'm sure as hell not good enough with him, and if he ever realized that, he might actually find the happiness he deserves.

I was broken long ago. We all were. That's the curse of the forgotten. I should have thought about that before falling in love with someone just like me and hurting someone who was just the opposite.

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