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Kade's Game - Sterling Shore Series Book 1.5

There are two sides to every story... Raya Capperton? She’s a stuck-up study worm with a chip on her shoulder, and now she’s living in my house. And she’s supposed to control what I do? All because four frat dicks ran over her house? Yeah. This is my father’s sick sense of humor, and he’s punishing me for something I had no part in. However, I never expected Raya to intrigue me. Sure, I expected her to turn me on. I mean, hell, she’s been running around in her panties next door all semester. How could I not get turned on? But there’s more to her than I realized, and now I’m inexplicably drawn to her, and I hate it as much as I love it. She doesn’t fit into my plan. In fact, she makes me forget I have a plan at all because of how hard she knocks me off balance. Life is a series of games and strategic maneuvers. Love shouldn’t be any different, right?

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