The Curse Trilogy

Gifted Curse
(Book 1) 
Forgotten Curse
(Book 2) 
Lifted Curse
(Book 3) 

Gifted Curse - Book 1

Destined for one, saved by another, and in love with both while trying to survive an unforgiving world...

Blood is everything in my world. It defines you, gifts you, or leaves you helpless. Nothing is sacred, lies are abundant, and being used is something I'm used to. Then I met Hale Banner, and everything changed that... until he destroyed me.

I've finally moved on. I've finally found someone who is always there for me, and I'll be damned if Hale Banner doesn't return and confuse me all over again. I want to hate him, but it's almost impossible because of our destined ties that can't be broken.

It's not easy hating someone you love, and it's harder when you hurt the other man that loves you the way you deserve.

I'm a possession to the United fleet. I'm blasphemy to the other races. But that's the life of a hybrid. That's my life. And for some reason, no one wants to let me live it. But I dare them to try and take it.

-Araya Crush

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Forgotten Curse - Book 2

Fate's a brutal bitch, if you ask me. Destiny is unrelenting and nonnegotiable, and sometimes people get caught in the crossfire. It seems like I keep messing up no matter what I do, and like the fool I am, I went back to Hale. And then I paid for it. Again.

Never again. I'm done. We're done. But when you're counters, sometimes things aren't as easy as they're supposed to be. Brazen deserves better. I'm sure as hell not good enough with him, and if he ever realized that, he might actually find the happiness he deserves.

I was broken long ago. We all were. That's the curse of the forgotten. I should have thought about that before falling in love with someone just like me and hurting someone who was just the opposite.

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Lifted Curse - Book 3

Hale and Brazen are relentless, and it's time for Araya to choose, and even with the new hybrid threat still at large, love keeps finding a way to reign dominant. Each day is full of more threat and more promise at the same time. Old wounds, old faces, and new enemies emerge to make the struggle all the more severe. When the newest bomb is dropped, and one lover finds the hope he thought he lost. But the time for sacrifice comes, and Araya is ready to lose it all to save the ones she loves.

***Ebook currently only available on Amazon***